• Caroline Nolder

Thoughts before you start a B&B

A B&B differs from a hotel because of its basic approach. The service provided to guests is typically a bed to sleep in and a full/continental breakfast before they check out.

You are effectively opening your home to strangers and blurring the edges between your business and your home life. It’s important that you’re content with this before you start.

To a certain extent, it’s a innovative profession – you have to enjoy cooking and making your accommodation as pleasing and welcoming as possible. It’s also something of a lifestyle business, a job that many people will undertake with their partners or perhaps later in life.

In addition to being a people person, you need to ask yourself if you’re a committed to doing all the ironing, cleaning and shopping behind the scenes when you start if you are on a tight budget. It is time consuming! The upside is that you meet fascinating people from all over the world which enhances your life.. if the above is YOU read my next blog on Monday

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