• Caroline Nolder

Never be in a hurry! What not to do at an airport!

Arrived, relaxed and happy, last night at Premier Inn Gatwick North Terminal. Wonderful supper with friends; of course had to watch Poldark and after a very satisfying breakfast made our way to North Terminal. Looked at the Board, Plane departing No: 505; we rushed down stood in the queue, told we were in the wrong place and then had to race over to the other side of the Airport, only to find that my passport was missing. Nowhere to be found. David had to continue through as he was hiring the car and I said see you on Friday! Was taken out through immigration, everybody looking for my passport, me in tears and then suddenly a very red faced girl arrived to SAY it had been found. SO NOW OFF ON A LATER PLANE, THANKYOU STAFF AT GATWICK AIRPORT!

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