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Today is Small Business Saturday UK which, as part of a year-long campaign, highlights SMEs and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities. It is the UK’s most successful small business campaign, which last year saw an estimated £812m spent with small businesses across the UK on Small Business Saturday.

Speaking to SME Technology Guide Michelle Ovens, director of Small Business Saturday, said, “technology is an integral part of all of our lives and this counts double for small businesses. Since the turn of the century, the business population of the UK has increased by 2.4 million (+69%) and has continued rising almost every year since.

“For small businesses who adopt and adapt to technology, it has provided routes to new markets and customers. Tech giants like Amazon and Facebook are not the enemy of small business; they provide a platform for traders to sell to a global marketplace, and a community they would otherwise not have access to.

“Social media also provides an affordable marketing tool for small businesses, who are able to promote their events in an organic way. It also helps to campaigns like Small Business Saturday reach a larger audience – encouraging more consumers to shop, eat and trade small.

“Meanwhile, in an increasingly cashless society, high street traders are finding they are able to survive and thrive with affordable contactless card readers, such as Square, which cost them far less in fees than traditional card systems.”

To find out more about how SMEs are using technology across their businesses, we spoke to business owners and technology partners from around the country for their top tips and thoughts.

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Caroline Nolder – B&B Doctor

“Having run a successful bed and breakfast, former guests started phoning me to ask for advice about how to start their own B&B venture. Our family lived abroad and I felt there was more for me to achieve in life, plus, I love people and projects so embarking on this journey was a no brainer. When I first open-ended my business I had a very basic site but it soon became clear that I needed to upgrade it so I turned to, a website building platform.

“I needed to be able to communicate with my guests and provide an experience that would feel just as smooth and personalised as when they stayed at a larger hotel chain. I also wanted a website that reflected the same commitment to comfort and design as my B&B. Specifically, Ascend by Wix enables me to do things like create forms so guests can leave online testimonials, personalise emails to lists of contacts and track guests who have booked a room at Turks Hall before — without a complicated technical backend.”

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