• Caroline Nolder


Welcome to yet another New Year, 2019. What will it bring for all of us?

The upside of a lower £ is that bookings from abroad should definitely be up;

If they are not, WHY? Have you translated your website into different languages; various on-line portals will do this for you; have you given a discount for the winter months? If not, do it and you will be amazed what a 10% discount will do for your bookings. Are you in a holiday destination? If so, offer three days for the price of 2 up to Easter: Easter, being late this year, means the season starts later so take this into account in your booking’s strategy.


Make sure the B&B rooms are repainted if necessary; try different covers for the beds, add a few extras which you know your guests will enjoy; home made cakes and juices. Throw away everything that makes the room look less attractive; not everybody will like your taste in ornaments in a room; get rid of them. Simple is invariably elegant.

Get in touch with me on 07807-193450 if you need any suggestions.

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